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Here you can see our book about Portugal photo and travel book. Together with my wife, Susana Lousada Soares Dietrich, I have written one until now. It shows pictures from many parts of Portugal, and the history of the towns that we visit. Here is the intro to the book:

"In Portugal you can experience amazing nature, and an abundance of old and new cultures. This book will show many of the places that we have been fortunate to experience through our many travels to most parts of Portugal. Continental Portugal is divided into five planning regions, and in this book we have chosen cities, that have a special meaning to us, from each of the five regions. In addition we have included a chapter which focus only on the wildlife in Portugal, and another on the history of Portwine".

You can see a preview of the book, or buy it, by pressing the icon of the book shown above or press HERE.

You can see a presentation of the book HERE.

You can also see photos from Portugal HERE